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Hug Wraps: About Hug Wraps


Brenda Jones, Founder & Creator

From Cancer to Creation

After Jones found a lump during a self breast exam in 2008, she came up with the Hug Wraps® idea during her first day of radiation  treatment.

“My first day of radiation, the staff looked at me, pointed to the  dressing room and handed me a hospital gown, and the nurse said, ‘You are going  to wear one of these for the next seven weeks.’ And she pointed to a stack of  hospital gowns. That is when the dam broke. At that point, I knew I might not be able to control cancer, but I could control what I wore.” Jones calls that her “Vera Wang moment,” when the kimono-style flannel treatment gown was born.

The Best Therapy

Jones purchased the most bright, cheerful flannel fabric she could find and made a pattern to allow for drains, coverage and front opening and designed it for dignity. “I wore it to the very next day of radiation,” Jones said. “Another woman, Millie, was there for treatment and she wanted to know where I got it. She was shocked that I had made it. I asked her if she wanted one, she said yes, and it went on from there — I just kept making them. The best part about it was it took the focus off me. “Every time I sat down to sew another Hug Wrap for another patient, it was the best therapy to get rid of my anger.”

“A hospital gown screams, ‘I am sick.’ We are more than a 9:30 appointment on the treatment
conveyor belt. I want a patient to feel like they matter. A Hug Wrap does that.  It reminds those in the medical field that this is someone’s mother, aunt, sister or daughter,” shares Jones.

In January of 2011 Hug Wraps® obtained its 501(C)3 status with the vision of one day being able to provide Hug Wraps® at no cost to cancer patients. Currently a donation of at least $50 is necessary in order to cover the costs for an adult Hug Wrap.

Brenda still does all the sewing herself and is in need of monetary donations for fabric and always loves to hear from potential sponsors who will cover the cost of creating Hug Wraps® so that she can pass them on to cancer patients at no cost and keep making a difference in patients’ lives.

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* Portions of our About You page were taken from Brenda’s interview on which can be found in full on our Media Page