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George to the Rescue

George to the Rescue

NBC’s “George to the Rescue” Gives Hug Wraps® New Life

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The Journey Begins

I have been a big fan of the George to the Rescue show and host George Oliphant after finding them on Twitter. I decided to reach out to them asking for assistance in turning a spare room into an organized work area for my Hug Wraps® mission. Unknown to me my family had also contacted the show on my behalf 콰 이용 모바일 다운로드.

I shared my struggle with having to cut fabric and sew Hug Wraps® from my kitchen table. I had fabric piled high and scattered through every room in my house due to the fact that I just didn’t have the appropriate set-up or storage space. I just wanted help in setting up a nice shelving system and a sewing table in the spare bedroom and then organizing everything in one room.

Ask and You Shall Receive

In April of 2012, I was contacted by the production staff of George to the Rescue asking if they could send out a scout to come to my home office, look around, take some pictures and ask me some questions so they could get a better idea of my needs Acheong water download.

KNOCK, KNOCK! On Friday May 11th, host George Oliphant and full camera crew showed up unexpectedly at my back door along with the construction crew of Amiano & Son Construction, LLC. Answering the door, I recognized George immediately and tears began streaming down my face. They were here to rescue Hug Wraps!

Sweet Anticipation

As part of the reveal process, I had to move out of my home for the full two weeks that they would be working on my big reveal 데이즈 다운로드. The show put me up at the wonderful Aloft Hotel in Mt. Laurel, NJ where I waited and wondered what my new sewing room would look like and excited to get back to work. In order to keep the work being done top-secret, my family were allowed to go to my home to feed the animals and get the mail but were sworn to secrecy evertv pc version.

More than Anticipated

Following the beautiful design work of Interior Designer Susan Hopkins, the team went to work. Little did I know that the project entailed much more than turning my spare room into a workable sewing space. As I was about to find out they also renovated a second bedroom and turned it into a beautiful office for Hug Wraps® 카다로그 템플릿 다운로드. (Check out Susan’s inspiration behind the design of the new Hug Wraps® space.)

While I was at the Aloft Hotel the Rescue team was busy at work. The Amiano team consisting of staff, owners and more began the work of demo-ing the rooms. Working day and night Amiano & Son Construction along with specialty tradesmen transformed the two rooms in less than two weeks vibe autumntanao mp3.

Walls and closets were demoed, floors ripped up and replaced with new hardwood to cut down on allergens. New walls and closets installed to meet my distinct needs. They took the time to build custom shelving and new electronics all the way down to beautiful custom drapes. So many individuals and companies brought their love and energy to this project Samsung One ttf.

The Big Reveal – June 6, 2012

To say that it was an emotional day doesn’t express the feelings I experienced as I walked into my home that day and saw the love and work behind my new office AND sewing room. I was awe-struck in the night and day difference of my space. I could now easily access the stacks and stacks of fabric on my beautiful new shelves and had room to sew and even a beautiful office space that would allow me to serve my clients and expand Hug Wraps and serve even more clients 네발가락 다운로드.

More Surprises in Store

Megan Baggott

Two more surprises were in store as George unveiled two Swiss sewing machines. She’d never spent more than $89 on one. The pair Bernina donated list for $12,000 total. One embroiders by itself – you just pick the pattern, and software does the rest 갤럭시 노트 2 펌웨어 다운로드.

“That will let me personalize each Hug Wrap with the name of the patient. For kids, I can make balloons or a Disney character.” shares Brenda.

The other machine is a Serger, which lets her finish raw edges. That will cut her work in half as she used to spend four hours on a piece.

NBC Airs Hug Wraps® Episode on October 6, 2012

Brenda and friends gathered at Olde City Quilts in Burlington, NJ to view the airing of the show which of course brought Brenda to tears riss papers. “I was overwhelmed by the beautiful makeover of my sewing area. I received two top-of-the-line Bernina sewing machines and sewing chair, as well as laptop, printer/scanner, two some fabric and thread, and even paper products, pens and cup holders. These came from Bernina USA, Office Depot, K & C Custom Building II, Amiano & Sons Construction, and City Quilts in Burlington,” advises Jones, who adds that she is looking forward to getting some greater visibility for Hug Wraps from the nationwide airing of the show.

“Even though it’s been a financial hardship, I believe so much in what I’m doing that I’ve invested thousands of dollars into the project and now I need the boost to retail sales dollars, which all go back in to cover expenses,” says Jones.

A desire to have other patients wear something that is louder than cancer keeps the Southampton resident impassioned. ”Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve heard too many stories from people who have experienced poor treatment by harried medical personnel. If a Hug Wrap can ease a patient’s angst, then it’s all worth it,” says Jones.

For a Full list of all the businesses and individuals who supported this transformational project CLICK HERE

Turkey Time with Fred and Bob

George has fun with Brenda’s pet turkeys, Fred and Bob.