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Ordering a Custom Hug Wrap


A Personal Note from Brenda:

It is my deepest desire to one day be able to give away as many Hug Wraps® as possible, but as a small and still not-for-profit organization it is necessary to charge a support fee to cover the cost of materials. Our vision for Hug Wraps® is that one day enough people will know of our mission and donate in order to allow us to provide cancer patients of all ages with a Hug Wrap at no cost file with JavaScript.– Founder, Brenda Jones


Whether ordering Hug Wraps®  for yourself, a friend or loved one, each Hug Wrap is custom made at the time of order to each individual patient’s needs, size and height.  Due to this fact, Hug Wraps® are non-returnable. We have created an in-depth ordering system that allows us to create Hug Wraps® perfect for your needs html5shiv.min.js.

General Information:

Fabric and Color Choices

Bold, fun prints!

At Hug Wraps® we do our best to match the color and design preferences you list on the order form with the fabric we have in stock at that time. As you can imagine, maintaining our fabric stock is our largest expense.

On the order form we request three color choices and three pattern theme choices to guide us in choosing a fabric for you.  Typical fabric pattern themes include:  florals, abstracts, butterflies, musical instruments, animal prints, animals (sometimes we have specific animals but can’t promise constant availability) and others five-digit zip code.

All our flannel is pre-washed two times to reduce shrinkage. We use only perfume and dye free laundry detergent and fabric softeners that are gentle on the skin which is especially important to our clients.

Options Available

Alice, modeling a thigh-length Hug Wrap

As a cancer survivor and former patient, Brenda has come to understand the variety of distinct medical needs of her clients based on the type of cancer they are being treated for introduction to architecture. This section of the order form allows Brenda to offer you customizations such as inside pockets which can hold items like surgical drains, tubing, or insulin pumps.

Also, our standard Hug Wraps® are designed to come to mid-thigh. For those with specific medical needs we can customize your Hug Wrap to the knee 치즈인더트랩 다운로드. Although we do our best to accommodate your specific needs, floor length Hug Wraps® are not available at this time.

Completing the order form in full allows us to fully understand your specific needs and create a Hug Wrap specifically for YOU Free to windows 7 iso. We can only create this custom item if we have all the information we need. Once we begin work on your custom Hug Wrap, it will be too late to add customizations.

Please Note: Options do increase the suggested donation due to the additional fabric required 파워 목업 다운로드. Floor length Hug Wraps® are NOT available for purchase at this time.

Recommended Donation

In creating over 600 adult Hug Wraps to date, by request we have created a “Recommended Donation Chart” to assist you in understanding our needs as a not-for-profit in restocking fabric for our next clients. The donation amount varies according to the size and custom options included in your Hug Wrap such as longer lengths, inside pockets etc 3cdaemon. Options can cost up to an additional $30.

  • Women’s & Men’s: S-M-L (thigh length): Recommended Donation – $60 plus $10.00 shipping*
  • Women’s & Men’s: XL-3X (thigh length): Recommended Donation – $75 plus $10.00 shipping*
  • Young Child: Size 4T-14   (thigh length):  Recommended Donation – $20 plus $10.00 shipping*

Shipping Details:

U.S. Orders: Shipped USPS Priority Flat Rate with tracking and confirmation.

International: Upon receipt of your order, Hug Wraps® will email you the cost of shipping which will be due prior to creating the custom order.  All orders are shipped from New Jersey, United States Download the Brickbreaking Game.


Step 1: Click here to fill out our simple, online order form. Please fill it out completely. It will automatically be sent via email to our office.

Step 2: You will receive an email from ORDERS@HUGWRAPS.COM from Brenda to clarify any questions she may have Real-time on Twitch.

Step 3: You will then receive a Paypal Invoice for the recommended donation amount, shipping and any customizations you ordered.

Step 4: Upon receipt of your payment, we will begin production of your customized Hug Wrap.

If you have any questions please email Brenda at

Please Note: The Hug Wraps® pattern was created specifically for and by Hug Wraps® and is NOT available for purchase.