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Brenda Jones (R) and niece Carie Gorden modeling Hug Wraps (photo credit: April Saul)

Hug Wraps® are cozy hospital gown alternatives for cancer patients 엑소시스트 다운로드. They are a handmade kimono-style wrap that opens in the front and ties with a belt and are made in bright, bold colors and prints.

Hug Wraps® come in a variety of lengths and sizes for women, men and children and designed to provide warmth and comfort to each patient 최강 바둑 다운로드. Hug Wraps® are designed for patients to easily slip on and off being conscious of the many patients who are unable to raise their arms after surgery 일곱개의 다운로드.

The specialized design of Hug Wraps® allows for easy medical access to ports, drains and dressing changes.  There are no metal snaps, hooks or buttons that would irritate sensitive skin or rub against incisions, drains or radiation burns.  Sleeves are created at ¾ length and are wide and non-restrictive to allow for patients with IV’s or lymphedema mssql 2014 express 다운로드.

Hug Wraps® – Made with Love!

For mastectomy, lumpectomy and reconstruction patients, additional inside pockets are added to Hug Wraps® to hold surgical drains and/or insulin pumps Vanishing Twin Download. Other customizations are also available as needed.

Hug Wraps® provide comfort and warmth to patients undergoing various treatments such as:

  • Chemotherapy, daily radiation, ultra sounds, CT scans and X-rays
  • Mammograms, physician appointments and physical therapy
  • Patients love the comfort of Hug Wraps® for extended stays during recovery whether at home, nursing home or hospice 링크 로 동영상 다운로드.

As a very small not-for-profit, Brenda relies on donations to fund the creation of each Hug Wrap, which, for an average adult size, costs an average of $60 plus $10.00 shipping for each one.  Brenda still lovingly hand-sews each and every Hug Wrap, and until a grant, sponsorship or funding comes in, a donation to cover the cost of Hug Wraps® is suggested on the order page and greatly appreciated Windows 7 professional k iso download.

Please note that the Hug Wraps® pattern was created for and by Hug Wraps® and is NOT available for purchase.

ALSO Available:

Many patients spend long periods in the hospital and Brenda knows first hand how dreary that can be u+mobiletv. As she heard from more and more patients, especially from parents of children who wanted a way to perk up their child’s treatment room Brenda again created a solution – this wonderful I.V 대박사건 다운로드. bag and pole cover.

Set includes: The I.V. Bag & Pole Cover comes with a matching tote bag which can hang right on the knob of the I.V Windows 7 ios. stand.

Recommended Donation: $20